Writing a book is a dream for many people.

For entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and many other talented people with knowledge and skills to share, this is fast becoming a requirement.

When you’ve written a book, the last thing you want is your manuscript sitting at the bottom of your drawer waiting and hoping someday a book-agent from one of the big commercial publishing houses will knock on your door with an advance on your royalty’s cheque.

You don’t have to be waiting on anyone because we have the solution for you. We offer affordable self-publishing packages that get you started on your publishing adventures without breaking the bank. From basic to advanced, our self-publishing package will fit your needs and budget.

The benefits of Self Publishing:

  • You retain full ownership of your book, content and copyright,
  • You get to keep a greater percentage of the royalties on book sales
  • You have creative control and are involved in the production process
  • You control the investment you make on your publication

Why our self-publishing packages offer the best value:

  • We offer a professional publishing experience
  • We offer marketing support through our own marketing budgets
  • We offer comprehensive self-publishing packages with manuscript editing, book cover design and layout all inclusive
  • We offer both online and bookstore distribution through our global book distribution network including Amazon, Barns & Noble and 36 other outlets.
What are you waiting for?

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