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Self-Publishing and Book Distribution Packages

Writing a book is a dream for many people. But for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and many other talented people with knowledge and skills to share, this is fast becoming a requirement.

The nature of publishing is such that, one needs to release a new title every quarter or every year if you want the big commercial publishing companies to even consider your work. For entrepreneurs, speakers and the many other talented people we cater for, this may not be feasible.

We understand that, for you, publishing a book provides a tool to expand your brand, to showcase your knowledge or to impart a skill. And this will happen maybe once or twice in your lifetime. That’s the reason why commercial publishing may not be a viable option. The BIG question is, ‘What options do you have?

Self Funded Publishing!

Essentially this is what self-publishing is, making an investment in yourself to have your knowledge, skills and talents authored, documented, print and bound, and ready for distribution to your clients, fans, and readers.

Our self-publishing packages offer more than just a collation of ideas, editing, and printing. As an investment, we’ll give you the best return by ensuring that your book actually sells. We offer a comprehensive and professional self-publishing solution with access to a global network of book distributors including Amazon, Barns & Noble, and 36 other retail outlets.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping and handling for complimentary titles, if any, are not included in the publishing package price. Some restrictions may apply.

Our Self Funded Publishing Packages

Basic Book Publishing
Affordable Publishing
from R29,995

Book Design (Cover and Layout)

Editing, Proofreading and/or Overwriting

Worldwide eBook Distribution with Online Listing (Amazon, Burns & Noble, etc)

Press Release & Marketing Support (with Facebook & Google Ads)

Optional: Books for Author at Cost plus $1.50 starting

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