Knowledge, experience and insight are worth a thought words when the lesson of life can be learnt from the experiences of others.

Our publishing solution service a niche market of non-writer who have a wealth of experience, knowledge in insight into matter of business, careers and lifestyle through self help publications. We offer a knowledge publishing experience that allows you to share knowledge, experience and insight through the guided skills of experienced writers who are able to take your story and turn it into something of value to the next person.

Our areas of Expertise

The content we create and curate is centred around subject matters where we can add value, and these include but not limited to:

Careers i.e. sales and marketing, financial planning, coaching and coaches

Industries i.e. Finance, Financial and Wealth Planning, Health and Food

E-commerce i.e. Books and e-books, product merchandising

Education & training i.e. Sales and marketing training, personal development, self-help

Our Services

We offer a range of solutions that cover the full spectrum of the publishing and publication process – from Book and Cover Design to actual publishing and printing. We are the ideal partner to help you share your content where it is in print or digital. With a secure online shopping platform and an experienced digital publishing team, your distribution is taken care of as well.

Book Design

We take care of the interior formatting and layout needed to make your book stand out with a quality look and feel; which makes for an enjoyable read.


Book Cover Design

We create book covers with high-quality fonts & images that portray the essence of your book for an emotional connection that makes people want to buy.


We get you ready for print with our high-quality pre-press process. Our publishing make-ready process will produce an e-book for the online market.


Whether it is 50 or 1000 books, we have a solution for you. Our network of printing partners offer high-quality book printing at affordable pricing.

READY TO PUBLISH | Submit Online

We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors. If you are ready to publish or have a previously published book needing local and international distribution through Amazon, Barns & Noble and 36 other outlets, please take a look at our PUBLISHING and DISTRIBUTION packages.