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redOystor Media publications have extended reach through online media and print.

Our Publications cater to three key niches – Health & Food, Wealth & Finance and Personal Development (Self Help). Our aim is to facilitate the holistic development of health, wealth and personal development in the quest for a life of prosperity with content that is rich in relevance, simple to digest and effectively useful to the everyday needs of our readers - through our digital and print publications.


RedOystor Media’s publications division manages it one media properties (web, social media and digital publications which include and which have been in operation since 2014 with custom designed content and social media presence. A dedicated RedOystor Media team manages the interaction and content on these properties.


RedOystor media’s publications division also manages the operations of 3 print publications in the form of newsletters, distributed to a specific target market in waiting areas, office parks, and mall stands. Our print publications include Good Advice, Health Plus, and Travel Trendz, each with their respective online presence through newsletter signup portals.

fabullousfood magazine

Health & Food
Fabullousfood is a food and lifestyle magazine that allows food foodies and food lovers to share their inspiration for the decadent creations of their cooking experiences. From regular cooking mom to professionalRead More...

thinkwealth magazine

Wealth & Finance
thinkwealth is a wealth and lifestyle magazine created to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit by showcasing a lifestyle of wealth and prosperity. We believe inspiration ignites thinking, thinking inspires desire and desire motivates action,Read More...