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The Ultimate Brain Health Logic Puzzle Book for Adults

R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

Sudoku, Calcudoku, Logic Grids, Cryptic Puzzles, and More! 

Sharpen your mind with fun, brain-boosting logic puzzles

Puzzles are an entertaining way to improve your memory and cognitive skills. The Ultimate Brain Health Logic Puzzle Book for Adults offers a wide variety of sudoku, calcudoku, logic grids, masyu, nonograms, and cryptic puzzles in a range of difficulty levels so you can enjoy hours of puzzling fun while keeping your brain happy and healthy.

What sets this book of brain games for adults apart:

  • Dynamic brain training—Ease into each type of logic puzzle with simple instructions, a breakdown of what it does for your brain, and a quick warm-up—plus tips and trivia for total brain health.
  • Puzzles for everyone—Build brainpower whether you’re actively seeking to improve your memory or simply an avid puzzler looking for fun new material.
  • Different difficulty levels—Decide how much of a challenge you’re in the mood for with sections for Warm-Up, Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles.

Go beyond other puzzle books for adults with one that’s designed to keep your mind and memory in shape.