The Many Facets of LEADERSHIP

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The Many Facets of LEADERSHIP

Author(s): Martin McCormack | Date Published: 01 October 2018 | Genre: Personal Development| Leadership | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9947217-4-7 (print) | 978-0-9947217-5-4 (ebook)

Finding the courage to LEAD

Success in life involves self-development and utilising all your gifts. When you become a leader it is about helping others to grow.

Harry S. Truman said, “In periods where there is no leadership society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skilful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

This book is a journey of self-discovery in what makes good leaders great. Within these pages is a challenge to find your foundation to stand tall, reach high and occupy your space of progress. Within these lines is an invitation to find the courage to seize an opportunity to change things for the better.


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