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Baptised in Fire

R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

Like gold to Fire, life experiences have left Msimelelo refined for purpose.

Burnt almost beyond recognition at the age of six, and left paralysed by an almost fatal accident at the age of twenty-six, it is almost hard to believe how Msimelelo is still full of life and courage to reach out into the world to make a difference and carve his mark.

Baptised in Fire is an inspirational account of a true life experience of sheer resilience, courage and a discovery of one’s personal power to see the world in a different light when the world sees you to be different.

Baptised in Fire is a story of hope-filled adventures on overcoming life-altering encounters to see a way through hardship and despair, to elicit light from the darkest storms of disability.

Given no chance to make a choice, all that you choose is all that you are. When you can ask the question ‘Why not me’, in the face of all adversity, what seems like a stumbling block becomes a stepping stone. Baptised in fire is all that and more.