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  • Sales Super Star
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    Author(s): Yogesh Pearlal | Date Published: 2016 | Genre: Careers – Sales & Marketing | Available Format(s): e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-620-96701-9 (print); 978-0-620-76546-6 (ebook)

    Turning Ordinary Call Centre Sales Advisors into Extra-Ordinary Sales Superstars. ‘Stop telling, start selling’ “Every sale counts, even the small ones count”

    A growing number of young people around the world enter the job market in some kind of call centre job. From India to Dubai, South Africa to Australia, being able to sell over the phone may be the key to the start of many successful careers.

    Yogesh Pearlal has made more money selling in the call centre than in any other profession he can claim.

    Sales Superstar – The Winning Formula to Call Centre Sales is a book about sales processes, techniques, and tactics that work for any Advisor wanting to achieve consistent sales performance in the call centre sales environment.



  • Think Branding - Mastering the Art of Creating Profitable ValueThink Branding - BOOK
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Author(s): Vukani Nxumalo | Date Published: 04 November 2017 | Genre: Business | Sales & Marketing | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9947217-4-7 (print) | 978-0-9947217-5-4 (ebook)

    Mastering the Art of Creating Profitable Value

    In today’s business climate, the world has become highly competitive. It is therefore imperative to differentiate your brand.

    A great deal of information (and misinformation) exists around the ideas of brands and branding, but if you look closely you will find that the essence of a brand can be distilled down to three simple concepts.

    Understand these concepts and you’ll become a branding expert. Consistently reinforce them throughout your organisation and you’ll build a powerful brand.

    This book will show you how to Create Profitable Value Through Branding.