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    Track your Blood Sugar Levels with a Simple Diabetes Logbook, Record Daily Readings

    The SIMPLEST diabetes logbook on the market!

    Our diabetes/blood glucose logbook is designed to help you easily track your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Logging only takes a few minutes, and columns include before and after tracking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. There’s also space for daily notes and any prescription medication you may be taking.


    • Daily blood sugar level tracking
    • Monday to Sunday tracking (week per page)
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime (before & after)
    • Daily notes space and medication monitoring
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    Dotted Paper Notebook for Bullet Journaling, Planning or Calligraphy, A Great Gift to Celebrate Love and Happiness with Friends, Family, Or Co-Workers.

    Just the right gift for yourself, a friend, lover, or co-worker – a bullet/dotted grid journal.

    Great for everyday writing, planning and ideation. The perfect gift to celebrate love, life, friendship, a birthday, anniversary, or holiday cheer. This Bujo notebook is what every dotted journal enthusiast needs if they want to organize their tasks by custom-building their own diary, tracking their habits, making lists, scribbling notes, doodling, or just letting their creativity run wild.

    The dotted notebook can be used as a journal, a sketchbook, a to-do list, a diary, or a planner. Fits the way your creative brain works. A dot grid journal makes it easy to write in straight lines but also allows you to do things sideways, diagonally, or even in free form.


    • Beautifully Designed Soft Cover.
    • 110 Pages (55 Sheets) Of Dotted Paper Journal.
    • Medium Spacing (0.2 Inches) Between Each Dot.
    • High-Quality Full-Colour Cover Print
    • Flexible But Durable Matte-Finish
    • Fits Perfectly into A Tote Bag, Easy to Carry Around
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    Inspired Notebook For Writing Notes, Ideas And Thoughts, 120 Medium Lined Pages Size 6x9inch Journal or Diary for Girls & Women

    Write what you think or think what you write.

    A beautifully designed Notebook Journal that’s a perfect place to keep all your notes, ideas and thoughts. The journal provides plenty of writing space and is easy to carry any and everywhere in a bag, tote or backpack. It can be used for school or work (office) notes, sketching, doodling, journaling and other writing needs. Designed to Encourages Creativity and Positive Thinking.

    • 120 pages medium lined pages.
    • Beautifully design cover with matt finish.
    • Give as a gift to family, friends, or co-workers.
    • Ideal for writing school or work notes, ideas and thoughts.