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    Sudoku, Calcudoku, Logic Grids, Cryptic Puzzles, and More! 

    Sharpen your mind with fun, brain-boosting logic puzzles

    Puzzles are an entertaining way to improve your memory and cognitive skills. The Ultimate Brain Health Logic Puzzle Book for Adults offers a wide variety of sudoku, calcudoku, logic grids, masyu, nonograms, and cryptic puzzles in a range of difficulty levels so you can enjoy hours of puzzling fun while keeping your brain happy and healthy.

    What sets this book of brain games for adults apart:

    • Dynamic brain training—Ease into each type of logic puzzle with simple instructions, a breakdown of what it does for your brain, and a quick warm-up—plus tips and trivia for total brain health.
    • Puzzles for everyone—Build brainpower whether you’re actively seeking to improve your memory or simply an avid puzzler looking for fun new material.
    • Different difficulty levels—Decide how much of a challenge you’re in the mood for with sections for Warm-Up, Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles.

    Go beyond other puzzle books for adults with one that’s designed to keep your mind and memory in shape.

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    A great way to relax and help your mind to focus.

    Colouring is a great way to relax and help your mind to focus.

    Inspired by the symbol of the Great Owl, in this colouring book, you will find some great designs to explore with your colors. Explore the Artist in you, find pleasure in the soothing feeling of coloring, discover a side of your creativity that is hidden within your space.

    • 48 Gorgeous Designs to express your love for color!
    • Great thought-provoking poetry to compliment your artistry.
    • Not sure what theme to start coloring? Start with whatever tickles your fancy.
    • Incredible artwork with a variety of Animals, Mandalas and Paisley Designs.

    Perfect for every skill level and also great for growing your skills. Can be used with your choice of coloring tools (crayon, gel pens, markers, colored pencils). High resolution crisp clean printing of illustrations. Each coloring page is on one sheet with thought-provoking poetry on the back. Printed one-sided. You don’t worry about your colours bleeding through.

    Frequently bought as a gift. This book makes the perfect gift for Christmas holidays, birthdays, office parties and more. Grab a set of pencils to go with it!