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    Author(s): Collen Lemawane | Date Published: 01 August 2016 | Genre: Self Help – Money & Finance | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-620-96640-2 (print); 978-0-620-76545-9 (ebook)

    “Being BROKE is no JOKE!” Too much month at the end of your money is not NORMAL.

    Too much month at the end of your money is not NORMAL. With so much information available on how to make money and still keep the most of it, you owe it to yourself to learn about the principles of ‘money-getting’ and ‘money-keeping’.

    From a man that’s been broke, living beyond his means all to impress the highly impressionable; this book will share with you how you are only fooling yourself if you think the credit card is your best friend.

    With simple money-keeping principles “Why are you BROKE?” will show you how to manage your money wisely, how to use GOOD CREDIT and how to find peace in living within your means.

    R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Authors(s): Vukani Nxumalo | Date Published: 01 June 2016 | Genre: Self Help | Personal Development | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-620-96701-9 (print); 978-0-620-76546-6 (ebook)

    …BECAUSE only the impossible is worth doing.

    If you’ve ever wanted to succeed as much as you want to breathe, this book is meant for you.

    In Start Your Impossible, Vukani Nxumalo skips the filler that is rife in self-help books and shows you how you can achieve your life’s purpose. Filled with inspiring case studies and memorable examples of people who dared to change the world, this guide lays out the path with proven principles and strategies that you can use to achieve a fulfilled life.

    While failure is an option, you don’t have to choose it. This book will tell you why?
    Failure is part of success, but it is not a requirement. This book will show you why?
    And if you must fail before you succeed, ‘Start You Impossible’ will show you how to fail fast and fail forward so you can be on your way to success.

    R269.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Removing the MASK – When Living A Lie Is No Longer An Option.

    Author(s): Violet ‘Mmasechaba’ Shai | Date Published: 01 July 2017 | Genre: Self Help – Relationships | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9947217-0-9 (print); 978-0-9947217-1-6 (ebook)

    Love can sometimes be a choice between life or death, but it doesn’t have to be…

    Love can sometimes be a choice between life or death, but it doesn’t have to be…
    When you have suffered abuse from the one person that is meant to love you, all you can feel is HATE.

    When you have been rejected by the people who are meant to build you, to mould you and to shape you; all you can muster is RESENTMENT.

    … But when you have tried every possible solution and failed, GOD has a way of revealing HIMSELF from where you least expected.

    Discover the life story of a woman who was abused, rejected and almost at the brink of despair. She found courage and discovered her FAITH when every possible solution had failed.

    R229.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Author(s): Vuyo Maqubela | Date Published: 01 August 2018

    Genre: Personal Development | Available Format: e-book & paperback

    ISBN: 978-0-9947217-6-1 (print); 978-0-9947217-7-8 (ebook)

    Every day women find meaning in simple words of inspiration – this book is an EPIPHANY

    ‘…because I Am Woman’ is a collection of thoughts inspired by quotes from women of power, influence, and distinction.’ As the Mrs. South Africa Top 25 Finalist, Vuyo Maqubela draws from the minds of beautiful and amazing women whose words have been engraved in historical moments of TIME.

    ‘…because I Am Woman’ will have you reflect on your life as a woman with little bursts of inspiration in pros and quotes. Every page is designed to read with ease. In the spare of the moment, you may need a quick fix of inspiration to help you get through the day.

  • Sales Super Star
    R229.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Author(s): Yogesh Pearlal | Date Published: 2016 | Genre: Careers – Sales & Marketing | Available Format(s): e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-620-96701-9 (print); 978-0-620-76546-6 (ebook)

    Turning Ordinary Call Centre Sales Advisors into Extra-Ordinary Sales Superstars. ‘Stop telling, start selling’ “Every sale counts, even the small ones count”

    A growing number of young people around the world enter the job market in some kind of call centre job. From India to Dubai, South Africa to Australia, being able to sell over the phone may be the key to the start of many successful careers.

    Yogesh Pearlal has made more money selling in the call centre than in any other profession he can claim.

    Sales Superstar – The Winning Formula to Call Centre Sales is a book about sales processes, techniques, and tactics that work for any Advisor wanting to achieve consistent sales performance in the call centre sales environment.



  • R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Like gold to Fire, life experiences have left Msimelelo refined for purpose.

    Burnt almost beyond recognition at the age of six, and left paralysed by an almost fatal accident at the age of twenty-six, it is almost hard to believe how Msimelelo is still full of life and courage to reach out into the world to make a difference and carve his mark.

    Baptised in Fire is an inspirational account of a true life experience of sheer resilience, courage and a discovery of one’s personal power to see the world in a different light when the world sees you to be different.

    Baptised in Fire is a story of hope-filled adventures on overcoming life-altering encounters to see a way through hardship and despair, to elicit light from the darkest storms of disability.

    Given no chance to make a choice, all that you choose is all that you are. When you can ask the question ‘Why not me’, in the face of all adversity, what seems like a stumbling block becomes a stepping stone. Baptised in fire is all that and more.

    R249.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Author(s): Vusi Mashabane | Date Published: 19 Septermber 2021 | Genre: Self Help | Personal | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-1-991206-90-9 (Print) | 978-1-991206-91-6 (ePub)

    Reflect, Recharge & Re-invent Yourself.

    Little by little, we build our lives, step by step we discover our chosen path, and with every seed we plant, something amazing grows with us into the future.

    Little by little is a philosophy that will help you design, build and scale your life as though it were an enterprise. This is a journey that makes success possible not in storms but in cumulative episodes. It is these cumulative little moments that come together to make up the wholeness of everything we want and desire.

    Little by little, create the life you know you deserve. Start from where you are, with what you have, because what you have is more than enough to get you started – moment by moment, step by step, and little by little.

    Unleash your potential!

  • The Many Facets of Leadership
    R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Author(s): Martin McCormack | Date Published: 01 October 2018 | Genre: Personal Development| Leadership | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9947217-4-7 (print) | 978-0-9947217-5-4 (ebook)

    Finding the courage to LEAD

    Success in life involves self-development and utilising all your gifts. When you become a leader it is about helping others to grow.

    Harry S. Truman said, “In periods where there is no leadership society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skilful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

    This book is a journey of self-discovery in what makes good leaders great. Within these pages is a challenge to find your foundation to stand tall, reach high and occupy your space of progress. Within these lines is an invitation to find the courage to seize an opportunity to change things for the better.

  • Think Branding - Mastering the Art of Creating Profitable ValueThink Branding - BOOK
    R199.00 Incl. VAT (15%)

    Author(s): Vukani Nxumalo | Date Published: 04 November 2017 | Genre: Business | Sales & Marketing | Available Format: e-book & paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9947217-4-7 (print) | 978-0-9947217-5-4 (ebook)

    Mastering the Art of Creating Profitable Value

    In today’s business climate, the world has become highly competitive. It is therefore imperative to differentiate your brand.

    A great deal of information (and misinformation) exists around the ideas of brands and branding, but if you look closely you will find that the essence of a brand can be distilled down to three simple concepts.

    Understand these concepts and you’ll become a branding expert. Consistently reinforce them throughout your organisation and you’ll build a powerful brand.

    This book will show you how to Create Profitable Value Through Branding.