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Now in its second printing, “Why Broke… When there is so much info”, is out with a revised look and feel for better reading and application.

“An exploration of why people often get broke when there is information on money.”

With interactive icons that give you direction on what information lays ahead, this will be an instant ‘download’ of valuable financial information.

Having sold-out with less than 3 months of the printing press, after a successful launch at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Johannesburg’ s Monte Casino on [date], this book will surely challenge your thinking about your relationship with money – how to make it, how to invest, who to trust with it?

You will also find tad bits on money and relationships, stokvels and pyramid schemes – how to navigate them, join them and avoid them.

 About the author

Mr Collen Lemawane is a professional, skilled, experienced and qualified journalist with several radio and television current affairs programmes to his name, with more than 20 years experience in the Communications and Media industry.

He holds an Honours Degree in Communication from the North West University, Collen has been a news presenter on Radio Mmabatho, Radio Sunshine and Radio Bop.

He was also a television anchor of Eight O’Clock Live on BOP TV and most recently worked as senior producer for Interface on SABC 3 and a senior producer on SAFM, in addition to having anchored a news programme called “World Today” on SABC 3.

What you will learn from reading this book:

If experience is the best teacher, Collen Lemawane has plenty he has been taught from the school of life. He knows what it means to be broke. After discovering that a wealth of information on how not to be broke exists, in his book, he details the many lessons he’s learnt from the people he’s interacted and interviewed – experts in the fields of money earning, saving and investing.

His journalistic curiosity will take you down a rabbit hole of self-discovery as each of the stories he relates opens the reader to a connection they too can relate from their own personal experiences.

If you have ever been broke, this books is for you. If you have been duped into a pyramid scheme, this book is also for you. If discussions about money and budgeting are taboo with your spouse, partner or family members, this book is for you.

If you are still wondering if there is help out there, this book will not only open you up to a frank discussion of what you might be doing wrong, but also offers solutions on how to seek help and how to identify professionals who are best qualified to help you navigate the murky waters of financial freedom.

Coming off the printing press on 26 August 2016, order your copies now, for friends, family, colleagues and associates, partners and ex-partners. This book will surely change the way you feel and think about discussing money matters.

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