PR and Marketing

Marketing & PR is about building and strengthening relationships - turn your contacts into contracts.

If you are you looking to establish an online presence through a responsive and interactive website or aim to connect with loyal customers on social media - our team of specialists have the skill and competence to build your online relationships through digital and social media marketing.

Our Marketing & PR offering caters to our corporate clients who wish to engage and connect with their customers and clients beyond building and showcasing market leadership and authority. We offer two silos of expertise to help you connect and engage with your customers:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not a luxury, in a digitally connected world, it is a necessity. The greatest feature of digital marketing is the ability to connect with your customer in real time within an online social setting – through Social Media, Search or Ad Placement on related content websites they are interested in.

We believe every company that seeks to be part of the digital evolution needs to start creating its own digital footprint in the sands of commerce and e-commerce. Our digital marketing solutions do just that!!  – from creating your online presence with a highly interactive website to social media touch points that connect you to your customers.

Managed Word Press Website

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads Management

Content Development and Marketing

Digital PR & Communications

Relationships are never a one-way street, they involve a back and forth interaction that creates engagement. With the various touch points to your brand – online, offline, event marketing, news media and point of sale. Our solution is designed to deliver the ability to turn contacts into contracts.

We engage with you from planning your media and marketing strategy to ensuring that the right people and partners deliver on your mandate. Our consulting team will ensure that you meet your marketing objectives through creative and engaging tools and processes that will deliver the impact you are looking to achieve. Deploying your message with the right audience.

Corporate ID Development or Redesign

Brand Profile and Corporate Stationary 

Digital and Print Brand Deployment

Client Communications