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What payment options do you offer?

There are 3 (three) payment options that RedOystor Online accepts at present (all our online payment are processed through ‘Pay-fast’) :

  • Instant EFT: instant EFT allows you to process payments directly from your banking portal (FNB, NEDBANK, ABSA, STANDARD BANK)
  • Credit or Cheque Cards: All Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club cards (with an expiry date) are accepted.  
  • We also accept ‘Biticon’ payments

Do you accept debit cards?

No, we do not accept debit cards.

 Do you accept bank transfers (EFTs)?

Yes, we accept bank transfers for bulk orders valued at over R2500.

Are my payment details safe?

We use a secure payment gateway (the URL which changes to https: and a padlock is visible on the bottom right of the screen). We do not retain credit card numbers.