We like to see ourselves as creators and curators of content through Publishing and Publications supported by PR & Marketing.

We service a niche market of non-writers, speakers and exceptionally talented people who wish to share their talent with others through knowledge publishing.

If you are looking to share your knowledge, experience and insight to the many challenges of the world; our team of writers and publishing specialists will help you craft, package and share your knowledge, experience and insight into an enjoyable publication.

What we do

Throughout the ages, knowledge has been passed on from one generation to another in the form of storytelling, arts and craft, music and most recently video. At redOystor we define content as anything that informs, educates and entertains.

Through the many channels available to the users and consumer of such content, our mission is to enable the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next through books, e-books, magazines, newsletters, video and other online and offline publications.

  • We create content in the form of books, eBooks and newsletters
  • We curate articles of information for online and off-line publication
  • We provide platforms on which creator of content can share their knowledge

Our areas of Expertise

The content we create and curate is centred around subject matters where we can add value, and these include but not limited to:

  • Careers i.e. sales and marketing, financial planning, coaching and coaches
  • Industries i.e. Finance, Financial and Wealth Planning, Health and Food
  • E-commerce i.e. Books and e-books, product merchandising
  • Education & training i.e. Sales and marketing training, personal development, self help